I have troubles occasionally with the Girl Scout Cookies strain and its variants

People don’t realize the importance of terpenes when evaluating the quality and effects of a single batch or strain of cannabis.

They’ve been told their entire lives that THC is the primary active compound in the cannabis plant, so they mistakenly know that THC levels are the only indicators of the quality and potency of a single batch of marjuana versus another. In fact, the only reason the people I was with and I experience varying effects from a single cannabis strain to the next is because of the terpenes present in the plant. Just appreciate beer, cannabis is full of terpenes that have a synergistic effect with THC. Some cannabis strains have complex terpene profiles that are totally certain in the world of marijuana. With this in mind, I’d rather see a high terpene percentage in my batch of cannabis flower products rather than THC levels over 30%. You’ll recognize “higher” from high terpene weed as well, even if the THC level is closer to 20% instead of 30%. With this in mind, terpenes are also to blame for why certain people get disappointing reactions from certain cannabis strains. For whatever reason, I haven’t had the best advantage with the Girl Scout Cookies strain in all of the forms that I have tried it in. Unfortunately, there are a lot of popular cannabis strains on the market that are derived from the Girl Scout Cookies strain. This can make it hard to navigate through trying new varieties of cannabis if there’s a opportunity of it retaining features from its parents strains. I wish I could respond well to every strain of cannabis, which would make my life much easier.


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