My mom finally visits the cannabis dispensary

I began using medical weed a couple of years ago. I mentioned it to my mom. I told her that the medical marijuana alleviates with back and neck pain. It also eases my anxiety. I have suffered from social anxiety for the past 10 years. It seems to become more severe each year. I told my mother that medical cannabis is a life-changing plant. She was not convinced. She had bought into the negative propganda that was introduced when she was growing up. I went visited my mom a few months after I got my medical marijuana card. I brought along some edible cannabis chews. When my mom complained about arthritis pain, I offered a cannabis infused-gummy. My mom had tried ibuprofen with no relief. She was afrad of the side-effects of stronger pharmaceuticals. She agreed to give the edibles a try. She was amazed by the relief and the long-lasting affects. Ever since then, I’ve been giving my mom with cannabis edibles. She was unwilling to visit the dispensary because of what people might think. She didn’t realize that public opinion has changed. More and more people are discovering the holistic benefits of medical cannabis. When I called my moma couple of days ago, she admitted that she finally paid a visit to the dispensary. She was helped by a budtender and bought her own supply of cannabis edibles. She said that the budtender convinced her to try tinctures. She now takes the tinctures sublingually and also applies them directly to her skin.



medical marijuana dispensary