My nausea battle is better

I’ve been taken care of with several different conditions when it comes to our chronic nausea.

It’s not classic Crohn’s disease and yet it’s not exactly IBS either.

Different doctors have viewed it differently over the years. Regardless, I’ve had our life sort of turned upside down with this nausea condition. However, I’m finally getting some much needed relief treating with medical cannabis. I can’t tell you how thankful I am that I chose to attend a series of cannabis dispensary events. While I was aware of the fact that there were legal weed stores in this state, I just didn’t know much at all about medical marijuana. At the cannabis events, I got some superb medical marijuana facts that pertained to our situation in particular. This got myself and others motivated to get through the medical marijuana regulations so I could get to a cannabis dispensary and see for myself. Thankfully, the legal weed store I chose had staff that was certainly well versed in the several medical uses for marijuana. They got myself and others the cannabis flower products that had the best record of success with nausea. It took a little getting accustomed to as I hadn’t used cannabis products before. But once I got the hang of it, the medical cannabis treatments certainly took hold. I’m just a few weeks into the medical cannabis treatments however I’m already better than I have been in years. I’m not missing work nearly as much as our nausea episodes are less frequent and far less intense. I just wish I had paid attention to medical marijuana benefits earlier.

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