My poor plant wilted in the hot sun

I have been using medical and recreational cannabis for three years, but recently I decided it might be fun to start growing my own marijuana plant.

I went to a dispensary and they had two seedlings on sale.

I only paid $15 for the 8-inch marijuana plant. It looks very healthy, green, and strong. The roots were well settled into the dirt and I felt like I could take care of the marijuana plant well. The budtender wanted to know if I had any previous experience with marijuana plants. I told the budtender that I had a garden when I was a kid. It was a lie, but I didn’t think it was going to be very difficult to keep the plant alive. I took it home and put it right up on the windowsill. I gave it a little bit of water and left it in the sunlight. I came back about eight hours later, and my poor plant wilted in the hot sun. I thought I’d had enough water, but I guess the plant didn’t like all of that natural sunlight. The leaves were dried and wilted and the plant was hungover in the shape of a candy cane. I went back to the dispensary and demanded a refund, but the budtender assured me that this was my own error. He did not offer to replace the plant either. I really thought it was going to be easy to raise a marijuana plant, and I can’t believe that I managed to kill it in less than one day.


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