Now that recreational cannabis is legal, my husband and I are trying new things

The next thing we want to try is dabbing.

My husbandy and I visited the dispensary a couple of days ago. We were looking for some recommendations for cannabis products. My husbandy and I have used recreational marijuana for quite a while now. We went through the hassle of seeing a doctor and getting the recommendations for a medical marijuana card. We needed to have qualifying conditions to get one. Our state has finally legalized recreational cannabis. It took a while for the recreatinal cannabis dispensaries to get up and running. We are thrilled to have much easier access now. The cost of recreational weed is a lot less than medical marijuana. We have more freedom for what types of products we can buy. We’re having a lot of fun experimenting with different delivery methods. We were familiar with smoking traditional flower. We like the consistency and ease of pre-rolls. However, we recently tried vaping. While I’m not sure I enjoy it as much as lighting up a pre-roll, there are some benefits. The odor from a vape dissipates within seconds. Plus, there’s no combustion process which is much easier on the lungs. Because the cannabis isn’t heated to the point of combustion, more cannabinoids are available. The vapes are especially potent and terpene rich. I like that a vape pen is especially portable. We’re now trying out tinctures. With sublingual application, the cannabinoids are absorbed through the roof of the mouth. This provides rapid onset of affects. The next thing we want to try is dabbing. The process is a little bit overwhelming. We are fortunate that our local recreational dispensary includes a dab bar. We are going to need a bit of help to figure out what to do.


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