Open to more than just smoking flower

The bottle fits in my pocket and all it takes is a few drops under the tongue

I have been a long-time fan of smoking marijuana. I like the old-fashioned delivery method. There is something satisfying about rolling a tight joint of quality flower. There are all different strains to choose from and many offer high THC content. I vary between sativas, indicas and hybrids. I’ve learned to look for vibrant purples, blues and greens and milky trichomes that prove proper cultivation of a mature plant. I have gotten interested in pre-rolls because of the convenience. Every pre-roll is rolled perfectly. There’s not too much or too little flower. It’s not rolled too loose or too tight. I know exactly how much THC, CBD or other cannabinoids I’m getting. There’s no mess and none of the waste of rolling my own joints. All I need is a lighter and I’m good to go. However, smoking is hard on the lungs. The combustion of cannabis results in carcinogens. Because of this, I’ve been trying out different vapes. The vape-pens are really easy to use. They are wonderfully portable and discreet. The odor only lingers for a few seconds and doesn’t cling to my clothes. Plus, the vape oil is only heated to the point where it creates vapor. It avoids the combustion process. I don’t need a lighter or an ashtray. After discovering the ease of vapes, I’ve been more open to trying new things. I’ve seen the ease and precision of dosing of tinctures. The bottle fits in my pocket and all it takes is a few drops under the tongue. Because it’s a sublingual, the effects are felt quickly.

Marijuana flower