PTSD struggles lightened with access to cannabis dispensary

It sort of shows of ignorant I once was when it came to cannabis products.

Years ago, I thought anyone who used cannabis products was simply a slacker, a loser or worse.

I actually railed against the legalization of medical marijuana in our state when it was up for consideration. But I relied on a bunch of really bad cannabis information and myths to base my judgements on those using cannabis products. That’s all changed now because I got a real cannabis education and now understand a lot more about the medical marijuana benefits. This came about when I returned from serving in combat with a developing case of PTSD. At first, I ignored the symptoms and took my anger out on those who I thought were against what I believed in. However, the PTSD developed further and over the course of a few years, I was isolated, terrified and deeply traumatized. With the help of my girlfriend, I finally reached out for help. It was in therapy that I got my first good look a true cannabis information. And for people like me, there were big time medical marijuana benefits. I was humbled to have the opportunity to get access to a cannabis dispensary that treated me with such care and compassion. I’m not progressing with my progress out of the darkness that came with my trauma. Cannabis flower products have been a very big part of that progress. I’ve gone from an ignorant medical marijuan detractor to a medical marijuana user with a cannabis education.


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