The dispensary only delivers on the weekend mornings or with a single day notice

I was genuinely happy when I found out that the local dispensary was going to start offering delivery, however a lot of dispensaries in the state offer delivery, and I thought all of us would never be able to take advantage of that service, however i went to stay with some friends so all of us could see a concert and all of us ordered delivery directly to our hotel room… They offered us free stuff in the bin too, and a card for 20% off our next purchase.

  • I was blown away by the customer service… When I earned an email from the local pot shop, I went to the online website to study more information.

The dispensary is only going to deliver on the weekend mornings or if you supply them a a single-day notice. Weekend deliveries are a premium fee, however every delivery busy with a single day notice is genuinely free. I was happy when I found out that the dispensary was going to start delivering, however these parameters make that task difficult. I suppose ordering delivery from this dispensary is going to take careful planning and accurate timing. I will have to guess ahead and plan our month according to the amount of marijuana I still have in our possession, and now I have to order a day ahead of time and consider whether or not it is a weekend day. It seems love a large amount of hassle and I truthfully wish they would have come up with a better way to introduce the new delivery program… Right now, it just feels love they are trying to make it difficult to use the service.

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