The driver forgot my free pre roll joint

Last Friday it was raining with lots of thunder and lightning.

  • My girlfriend and I were supposed to see a movie with friends, but we decided to stay home instead.

It had been a long day at work and neither one of us wanted to drive in the rain just to see a movie. We decided to get a flick from the Redbox and we ordered Chinese takeout from a shop down the street that has the best egg rolls. My girlfriend and I also ordered some items from a local cannabis shop. The cannabis shop offers free delivery on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The cannabis shop was having a sale and every order qualified for a free pre-roll marijuana joint. My girlfriend and I ordered an eighth of dried marijuana flower and we also ordered a gram of marijuana concentrate. The budtender on the phone let us pick the kind of pre-roll that we wanted. We had our choice between an Indica, sativa, or a hybrid. My girlfriend and I decided to pick an indica, since it was nighttime. When the driver arrived with our items, my girlfriend and I were upset that the driver forgot our free pre-rolled marijuana joint. We were going to smoke that first. The guy offered to drive back to the cannabis shop to pick it up, but I didn’t want to wait another hour for an eight dollar pre roll. I called the dispensary about the missing joint and they notated my account. Next time we order, we get a free pre roll with our purchase.



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