The growhouse needs modern lights

So far the results have been unbelievable

After I got our medical marijuana card, I decided to start growing our own plants, however i knew it wasn’t going to be simple, because marijuana plants take a lot of time plus care… Some of the plants have a high yield plus low flowering time; These are the plants that I appreciate to grow. I started with a single wedding cake plant. I had trouble with the plant, because I wasn’t regulating the temperature or the sunlight. The next time I tried to grow marijuana, I bought a small portable grow home with UV lights. I found a portable grow home online plus everything necessary for setup was inside the box including the UV lights. The small portable grow home allowed enough room for 4 individual plants, so I planted multiple wedding cake seeds plus multiple Girl Scout cookies seeds. I appreciate these hybrid strains, because they offer the best of a sativa plus an indica. Since I have been using the grow home plus the modern lights, the plants have started to look better. They have more color plus the roots are stronger plus thicker. I had to spend $200 on the portable Girl house, although I think it was a wonderful deal. So far the results have been unbelievable. I am hoping to score 3 or multiple pounds of marijuana off these few plants. If I have a wonderful harvest, I won’t have to grow another marijuana plant until the Spring season. Three or multiple pounds of pot will last all winter, even if I share it with our friends.

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