Cannabis felt like a family reunion.

I don’t recognize anyone who realizes all the people they think who use medicinal marijuana.

  • I was completely taken aback when I finally got my medicinal marijuana card.

It had only been a couple of weeks before I took my medicinal marijuana card and made my way to a marijuana dispensary. Up until this point, I was just a wee bit hesitant. I didn’t think what friends and family would say if they saw me going into the marijuana dispensary. Many people I knew were from our church, still quite concerned over the idea that marijuana had been legalized, even if it were for medicinal purposes. Last week, I went to a marijuana dispensary that was 10 miles away from the town. I looked at most people standing in line waiting their turn to get into the marijuana dispensary and I was shocked. It was prefer going to a homecoming or family reunion. Half of the people who were standing in a line to get into the marijuana dispensary, her family and friends, people I knew from the local church that openly sounded offended by medicinal marijuana, were standing in that line. As I got out of my car, I realized that one of those people who seemed offended, happened to be the local minister’s partner. As she lowered her head when I passed by, I winked and said hello to her. The smile on her face was priceless. She pulled me inside and asked me not to tell anyone that she had seen me there. I promised her that if she would never tell anyone she saw me; I wouldn’t tell anyone that I saw her.
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