Cannabis has changed life for the better

Have you ever walked in your sleep before? It is rather expected for people to talk in their sleep, which happens a lot more than you might believe, however sleepwalking is a lot more rare.

Aside from myself, I am not aware of anyone else that has had a concern with it. But for me, it was actually quite bad, plus while in middle university I would sometimes tie our ankle to the bedpost just to make sure that I stayed put. That all changed once I hit high university, plus started getting more options. The 1st night I smoked cannabis, I remember it as being the deepest, most restful night of sleep I had ever had. Marijuana was the game changer for me, the soothing effect cannabis had on our mind plus my body was unmatched to anything I had experienced. That didn;’t mean it was a magic button that I could press to fall asleep, I had to be judicious in our cannabis use plus only smoked indica at the right time. Smoking a lot of cannabis throughout the morning could make myself and others sluggish, however conversely make it harder for myself and others to sleep at night. The best course of action for myself and others was to remain clear plus sober through the morning, plus then hit the medical cannabis taxing right around bedtime. As I was getting naturally fatigued around this same time, the cannabis indica would push myself and others more in that same direction, plus help myself and others fall asleep plus then stay asleep. Once I discovered using medical cannabis could help, our life has improved so much I can’t begin to tell you..


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