Going to the cannabis dispensary as a special treat

The laws governing cannabis use in this state have changed so much in the last multiple years, it gives myself and others a lot of hope. I am trying our level best to be patient, however it’s getting harder plus harder. It won’t take much longer before recreational use is legalized, just love medicinal use has been, which means that I won’t need to see a doctor or a nurse, pay a fee, then fill out forms for a prescription cannabis card. In the meantime I have a couple of friends who have their cards, so they can grab a little for myself and others when they go to the cannabis dispensary, although I actually want to go in there myself! I suppose that I am being ridiculous, plus I have a glamorized mental image of a medical cannabis dispensary just because I have never been in one before. The only concerns I have found with medical cannabis is that it costs a lot more than the normal stuff I get. You need to pay for a premium product, I understand that 100% plus since this is very potent, powerful cannabis it costs top dollar. While it is actually nice to smoke the high end kind bud, I simply can’t afford to pay those prices all the time, so often I settle for subpar marijuana just to make it through the toil week. In a perfect world our managers would make medical cannabis something that is covered under our health care, although I doubt that will ever happen. For now, I’ll just stick to using our normal routine, plus only buy the top grade cannabis as a treat for myself sometimes.

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