I got busted for smoking pot.

I only have a few weeks before my ability to smoke pot has been reinstated.

  • If I’m to be honest, not smoking is driving me crazy.

I can’t understand why it is so bad to smoke pot. It has been proven that pot isn’t addictive. It is much safer than alcohol, OTC drugs, cigarettes, or prescription drugs. For years I have been smoking pot and now that I don’t have it, I am missing it like crazy. I was given six months probation for getting caught smoking marijuana. When this six months is complete, I will no longer need to have regular drug tests to make sure I don’t have marijuana in my system. Once these random drug tests end, I will be right back to smoking pot. It wouldn’t be so bad if the drug tests only picked up on smokable pot, but it also includes vaping and edibles. I can’t have any type of THC. I can use all the CBD products I want because they don’t show up in the drug tests, but CBD does nothing for me. If you’re one of those people who likes using CBD, I’m proud of you. It is not something I would prefer. Not even alcohol was able to take the place of my marijuana. Even though I have abstained from the use of all THC products while on probation, once it ends, I will be right back to smoking and using every kind of cannabis that I can get hold of. I miss my marijuana more than I ever thought possible.

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