I have a favorite way to use marijuana.

These have changed since states are now beginning to recognize marijuana as more than a drug.

There are so many ways to use marijuana now.

You can use pipes, bongs, and vaporizers. They have some items that are so technical that I can’t figure out how to use them. They also have joints, blunts, and one-hitters for the people who just want to smoke a little bit at a time. I think I have tried nearly every way to smoke, but I have found one way that has become my favorite. I use tepid knife hits. I smoke marijuana every day and all day. I’m glad I am able to work from home. The bad part of my marijuana use is that I run out of it so quickly. I had to find a more economical way to stay high. A friend of mine showed me how to use a butter knife and a warm plate to make a version of a cannabis vaporizer. With a warm knife, I can get high quickly and use only a fraction of the marijuana I would use for a bong. Since my tolerance level is higher than most people I know, I need more THC and the knife hits give me that. I simply roll a small amount of marijuana into a ball and place it between the blades of two heated knives. It ends up going up into smoke. It is a high that most marijuana users can’t handle, but for me, it is pure heaven. I’m getting the high I need and using less marijuana.

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