I love cheese related cannabis strains

Eating raw cheese is delicious, especially when you pair it with quality crackers.

If I’m hungry and want a little bit of protein for a snack, I’ll break out a brick of mozzarella or gouda from the fridge and I go to town.

If you happen to possess summer sausage as well, that’s a perfect pairing with the cheese on the crackers. I know some people who only know the cheap and processed American cheeses and the low-quality mozzarella on frozen pizzas. When they try a strong cheese like Cheddar or Muenster for the first time, it’s a shock to their palette. I have heard that it’s similar to strong craft beer and the effect it has on someone who is used to light American lagers. Oddly enough, there is a whole family of cheese-smelling and tasting cannabis strains. I’m not sure what terpene produces that aroma, but it’s unmistakable. The most recent cheese cannabis strain that I purchased was Queso Perro. The two parent strains are Stardawg and U.K. Cheese. Although my batches of Queso Perro last year felt like they were indica-leaning strains, this year the Queso Perro from the same exact cannabis dispensary has been consistently sativa-leaning in its effects. That’s fine if I can use it during the day, but I still need solid indica strains for the evening hours. I often struggle with insomnia and need a strong indica at night to get to sleep easily. There are a few phenotypes of the original Skunk strain that were used to create the Cheese hybrids you find in the U.K. and the United States.

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