I was trying to conserve my pot.

I used to grow pot, but it was only for my own use.

  • I smoke a lot of pot and I use it all the time.

Many people would use less weed when they have high quality stuff, but I don’t. I am smoking all day long regardless of how good the marijuana is. I decided to have a grow room in my garage, hoping to save some cash. The garage seemed to be the perfect growing area, and over the years, I even sold a little bit to some very close friends. They often said it was the best marijuana they had ever tasted. When COVID hit, I began selling small amounts of marijuana, while trying to make ends meet. It was hard to go without an income. I had been using a trick my roommate showed to keep my use down to a minimum. My friend had shown me how to make a vaporizer out of hot knives and it required very little pot to get an intense high. I was able to smoke pot through the day, maintain a good high and still use less marijuana. Now that things are getting back to normal, the marijjuana store is now beginning to make deliveries. I am still going to continue with my hot knife vaporizer so I can get my high with a smaller amount of pot. I like this high, it is intense and fast. I don’t want to ever smoke any other way. Why change your smoking method when it works and it also helps to save on the amount of marijuana you use.

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