I wasn't looking for trouble that day with my girlfriend

My girlfriend and I both have our medical marijuana card.

We are certified by a doctor and both of us use the plant daily.

My girlfriend uses medical marijuana to help combat the eating disorder she has had since she was 12 years old. I use medical marijuana to help with anxiety and panic attacks. The panic attacks are a relatively new problem, but I have suffered from anxiety since I was a teenager. Sometimes the severe anxiety can lead to depression. Medical marijuana helps both of us with our problems. When we started using medical marijuana, there were only a couple of dispensaries in the state. Now there are several places available to purchase medical marijuana supplies. One place that my girlfriend and I particularly like is about 15 Mi away from our home. It’s a quick and easy drive on the interstate. Last Tuesday, my girlfriend and I went to the dispensary. We were there during the afternoon hours. Everything was on sale that day and the dispensary was packed with people. My girlfriend and I were standing in the corner of the room waiting to pick up our order. A random guy walked up to us and asked my girlfriend for her phone number. Clearly we were a couple. We were holding hands when the guy approached us. I wasn’t looking for trouble that day, but I was very upset and angry. My girlfriend politely told that guy that she was in a relationship, but I was ready to pounce on that guy and teach him a lesson about respect.


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