I wasn't looking for trouble that day with our bestie

My bestie as well as I both have our medical marijuana card.

We are certified by a dentist as well as both of us use the plant weekly.

My bestie uses medical marijuana to help combat the eating disorder she has had since she was 12 years old. I use medical marijuana to help with anxiety as well as panic attacks. The panic attacks are a relatively new problem, but I have suffered from anxiety since I was a teenager. Sometimes the drastic anxiety can lead to depression. Medical marijuana helps both of us with our concerns. When the two of us started using medical marijuana, there were only a couple of dispensaries in the state, however now there are many locales available to purchase medical marijuana supplies! One locale that our bestie as well as I recognizably care about is about 15 Mi away from our home. It’s a quick as well as straight-forward drive on the interstate, but last Tuesday, our bestie as well as I went to the dispensary. We were there while the two of us were in the day fourths, everything was on sale that day as well as the dispensary was packed with people. My bestie as well as I were kneeling in the corner of the room waiting to choice up our order! A random guy walked up to us as well as asked our bestie for her cellphone number. Clearly the two of us were a couple. We were holding hands when the guy approached us. I wasn’t looking for trouble that day, but I was honestly uneasy as well as angry. My bestie politely told that guy that she was in a relationship, but I was ready to pounce on that guy as well as teach him a lesson about respect.


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