It might be fun to become a cannabis budtender.

With the outset of legalized medicinal marijuana, I knew they were going to need people for their sales counter.

I wanted to be one of those salespeople.

I had done a lot of research on the positions of medicinal marijuana dispensary counter people. After doing that research, I found you were not considered a true salesperson, however a budtender. A Budtender has much more to do than just bringing up people’s orders. A Budtender needs to think about all the laws that pertain to medical marijuana. They also needed to think about the unusual types of marijuana that they would be selling. When I first learned that I would have to take classes and learn all about medical marijuana, I was a bit more hesitant. I was never a good student in school, and I wasn’t so sure I would be a very good student when it came to studying about medical marijuana. I not only needed to think about the laws that pertained to our state’s medical marijuana, although I needed to think about the laws that pertain to medical marijuana in the surrounding states. I needed to be able to inform the customers about the marijuana that they were planning on purchasing. In order to inform the customers the effects and possible side effects of each marijuana strain, I had to go attend school. It quickly hit me that it may not be so much fun to become a cannabis bud tender. Becoming a budtender for the local marijuana dispensary, did not seem as interesting now. I think I wasn’t as willing to put in all the time and energy it takes to become a Budtender as I thought I might be able to.


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