Medical marijuana now with delivery.

Over two years back, I got my medical marijuana card.

Although it can be a bit of a pain in the butt to go back every year and register for a modern medical marijuana card, it was worth the effort.

I have found a more modern lease on life. Medical marijuana has helped my chronic depression go from being crushing to being managed. I never thought I could be able to go out in public without having a panic attack until I discovered medicinal marijuana. The only downside to having the medical marijuana card was that the nearest medicinal marijuana dispensary was almost 15 miles away from where I lived. So, when I heard they were putting a medicinal marijuana dispensary in our local area, I became quite excited. To be able to take a quick 15 minute walk and get to the medicinal marijuana dispensary, seems prefer a modern lease for me. When the pot dispensary was finally opened, I was even happier to find that they offered delivery services in my area. If I was having a rough afternoon keeping my depression under control, all I had to do was jump online and put in an order. Within ½ an minute, my medicinal marijuana was being delivered to my door. No one can completely understand how I felt about this amount of freedom. The freedom to use my PC or my kindle and go online, to simply place an order to the local marijuana dispensary, and have it delivered to my house, was simply amazing. There are afternoons when I choose to be a recluse, although I have some other afternoons where being a recluse is a necessity for me.

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