My apartment is a non-smoking apartment.

It is hard to adjust from living in a single home to living in an apartment. For over ten years I had owned my home, and then my wife decided she wanted a divorce. We had to sell the house and I ended up in a small apartment. A part of me wants to tell you I hate that apartment, but that sentiment doesn’t come nearly close enough to how I really feel. The apartment is small and all the appliances are old. My neighbors aren’t the type of people I would normally consort with and I have no freedom. When I owned my home, I had the freedom to do anything I wanted. I made my own rules, but not now. Now, all the rules are made by the landlord. There is no smoking in the apartments. I was so grateful that I was right around the corner from a marijuana store that had a smoking lounge. I was okay with having a vape pen and using cannabis oils. I also like the different edibles and drinks that are infused with THC. It just seems that there are times when I want to light up a marijuana cigarette and feel the warm smoke of the marijuana as it fills my lungs. I could sit in my car in the garage, but I feel so sleazy doing this. I want to be able to get high in my own home. Maybe someday I will have a home again, or I’ll find an apartment that allows their tenants to smoke. That day just can’t come soon enough for me.

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