The budtender wasn't paying attention to anyone

I went to the cannabis shop on Monday, because I was completely out of vape pen cartridges. I usually have a spare cartridge, but I ran out last week and had to vape it. I have been vaping a lot more frequently these last few weeks. My sister is in town for the holidays and my parents are doting all over her and her new boyfriend. It makes me angry and upset. When I went to the cannabis shop, I was already in a foul mood. I didn’t want to argue with the budtender, but the guy was totally ignoring me. I was standing close to the counter, and the guy was talking on the phone. It was clearly a personal call, because the guy said I love you when he hung up the phone. He acted like I had inconvenienced him because wanted help. I started telling the budtender which items I wanted to order, and the guy started talking to someone else in the store. I grabbed the guy by the collar and I told him to pay attention to my order. The guy called the security officer as soon as I grabbed his shirt. I tried to argue my point, but I got into trouble for being too aggressive. I got kicked out of the store and the manager told me not to return. I can still order for delivery, but I am no longer welcome to come to the store. I was frustrated and annoyed by the budtender and his lack of concern for helping me, but I guess I should not have grabbed him.

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