The dangers of western medicine

Quite a few years ago, I started hearing the phrase ‘Western medicine’ used pretty much always.

At that point, I did not genuinely know what Western medicine was… It never occurred to me that Western medicine was talking about the category of current medicine that doctors use worldwide.

Now, however, I am coming to experience the difference between Western medicine as well as holistic health. My family physician was consistently changing my medicines to see what was going to assist with my blood pressure, my advanced allergy symptoms, as well as with the other health problems I was experiencing. With the constant reneging as well as introduction of up-to-date medicines, my body was tiring out in no time. I have totally forgotten what a full night’s sleep felt like. There were more aches as well as pains in my body than what I should have had at such a young age. I was experiencing crucial allergic reactions to drugs that the doctors were introducing. It ended up reaching the point where a simple cold just about took my life, because I was unable to take any medicines for a cold. When I had to go in for a drastic operation, it took four different antibiotics being put into my body before they managed to find something that I was not going to have an anaphylactic reaction to. I easily recall a healthcare worker whispering to me that Western with medicine had practically taken my life. That is when I began learning about holistic health remedies. I don’t know for certain if marijuana products will help with my antibiotic issues, although I am coming to find that marijuana products help with my pain, my anxieties, as well as with various other health setbacks that I happen to be experiencing. I’m cheerful I discovered marijuana products before Western medicine killed me off.

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