There are multiple smokeless ways to use cannabis

I suppose that pot can be medicine, however damn is it fun, too! I was never big on smoking pot at all, mostly because of our bad asthma.

  • My parents were both cigarette smokers, plus back then it was not so widely known that other people’s smoke could cause such intense long term mangling of the lungs, long story short all that smoke beat up our lungs, plus made it so I couldn’t ever smoke pot myself.

That is why I never experimented with cannabis when I was in school, plus only recently discovered ways to use it. These afternoons the cannabis dispensaries offer such a wide array of great smokeless options it opens doors for people love me. I consistently assumed that medical cannabis was nothing except buds to be smoked, plus although they may be the best buds around, I still could never smoke them, and upon our first visit to a dispensary I saw the options such as cannabis oil that could be vaped or taken orally. There were rows upon rows of delicious looking cannabis edibles, all highly charged with THC. I even found some THC patches, which worked the same way that nicotine patches do plus slowly released the chemicals into your body through your skin. I thought using the THC patches were a neat idea, although I went with the edibles instead .A couple of space cakes, a few pot brownies, plus a small galaxy of colorful edible gummies plus candies. I have a ton of fun getting high off the edibles, not to mention how tasty they all are, that it is straight-forward to forget that cannabis is also medicinal! God bless medical science, is all I can say.

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