There will be a new medicinal marijuana dispensary near me.

I don’t recognize how anyone in this community ever thought that there would be a medicinal marijuana dispensary in our local area.

Ever since medicinal marijuana was legalized about years or 3 ago, there had been medicinal dispensaries popping up all over the state.

Medicinal marijuana dispensaries are popping up everywhere except for in this local area. I felt as if there may be some kind of stigma on our area that would not allow a medicinal marijuana dispensary to be built here. Then, one night, I heard on the news that a medicinal marijuana dispensary was soon going to open in our town. My mother was overwrought about the news. She still believed that marijuana was the gateway drug to all condemnation. She didn’t recognize that there was anything good about marijuana even though it was now medically legit I tried to explain to Dad all the unusual things that medicinal marijuana was able to help with. Every one of us talked about cancer. Every one of us talked about chronic pains such as she had with her rheumatoid arthritis. I even tried to discuss with her how it helped my younger sibling’s anxieties. Dad didn’t want to hear any of this. I, on the other hand, was simply overjoyed knowing that all of us would soon have a local medicinal marijuana dispensary near me. My sibling could not wait to have the pot dispensary open so she could finally get her medicinal marijuana without going to other areas. I can only hope that one afternoon my Dad will open her eye and realize just how crucial medical marijuana can be not just to her family, however also to her friends.


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