Two day in advance orders receive 25% off everything

In order to help delivery sales, I came up with a program at work that benefits customers that call ahead.

When we first started the delivery program at the marijuana shop, we didn’t have a lot of rules or regulations.

We were delivering for free and we had a very large delivery zone. We were taking orders at all times during the day and our drivers were constantly in and out of the store. We were paying a fortune for the delivery drivers, but the employees weren’t making a ton of tips. They were constantly taking one order back and forth. I came up with the idea to give customers 25% off everything in the store when they ordered two days in advance. I wasn’t sure if our regular cannabis shop customers would start ordering ahead of time, but things have changed a great deal during the last two weeks.I’ve noticed a lot more people taking advantage of the sale. 25% off everything in the store is a great deal. We rarely offer that special unless it is 4:20. Our best deals are usually one day a week when products are 15 or 20% off. This special occurs all week as long as you order in advance. You can even order online and choose a date up to five days later. A lot of customers take advantage of the delivery sale so they can receive 25% off of their order. So far, things are working out really well and the idea has been one massive success.

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