Christmas morning at home, with perfect thermostat setting

So this Christmas was actually the single best Christmas that I can recall.

Perhaps there were a few better ones back when I was a little dude.

But as far as our late teens forward, this past Christmas has to rank right up there toward the best. The main reason was I didn’t have to travel or endure punishing thermostat settings for a whole week. This is pretty much what Christmas has been for savor the last 15 years. My parents both died when I was just out of school so I’ve missed spending the holidays with them for sure. My in laws are lovely, and our wife’s family has been the destination since we’ve been married. And that meant leaving the heating as well as cooling comforts of our own home to travel north in order to freeze as well as sweat all at the same time. The in laws live up where there is plenty of freezing Winter season weather on hand. Yet, the thermostat is set at 79. That gas furnace must be a monster to keep that sort of Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C heating up all through the Winter season. However, it gets so incredibly stuffy as well as tepid in that house. This year, the two of us stayed home as well as they came to see us. Not only did I get to sleep in our own bed as well as savor our own quality heating as well as air, the in laws rented a small cabin nearby. That’s right, it’s savor I hit the lottery. The in laws along with our wife’s siblings all went together to rent a cabin as well as they didn’t stay with us. Does it get any better than that?