I found a half ounce of weed behind the refrigerator in the stock room

When our car broke down & I could not participate in marijuana delivery services, our boss asked me to wash the stockroom & get rid of all the seasoned stuff.

The stockroom has lots of weird marijuana supplies.

Some of the items are seasoned products that are past the date. Some of the products in the stockroom or cannabis items that have not gone on the Shelf yet. There are boxes of seasoned papers & lots of merchandise from local suppliers appreciate hats, t-shirts, lanyards, pens, & buttons. It was dark & creepy in the stockroom, even though I spent most of our day cleaning all of the floors & organizing all of the supplies. There is a sizable refrigerator in the stock room & we keep all of our cannabis concentrates supplies in the refrigerator. It is consistently 42 degrees. This is the perfect temperature for storing cannabis concentrate. I decided to transport the refrigerator so I could wash the area behind it! Clearly no a single had moved the refrigerator for a long time. There was a clear line of dust in the area where it was located. The tiles under the refrigerator look brand-new, while the other a singles were discolored & brown. When I moved the refrigerator in the stockroom, I found a half ounce of weed. It was covered with dust & the date was from 2 years ago. I easily should have thrown the bag in the garbage, even though I put it in our overcoat & took it home. It wasn’t stale at all & I still got entirely high from the two year seasoned flower.

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