I was thinking about getting a medical marjiuana card

Another restless evening where I spent most of the evening staring at my cellphone screen.

I had already tried sleeping for a few hours, but no luck.

So instead, I learn cute and funny stories hoping to cheer my unhappy mind up; After an hour of continuous scrolling, I got up and decided to just have a super early afternoon, at 4 am, and eat dinner while it was still dark out. The early pigeon gets the worm, I guess. Anyways, I need to get better sleep, because this lack of sleep is having a poor toll on my health, and just this week, I fell asleep at my desk, and my boss caught me drooling all over my keyboard, which was seriously embarrassing. Thank God I have a enjoyable personal record, so he let it slide, but he warned me he better not catch me snoozing at my desk again, and I took the warning to heart. This only reinforced my urgency in getting help with my sleep issues. A coworker who knew I was struggling recommended a dentist to me, which I later found out was a medical marijuana dentist near me. I wasn’t sure about using medical marijuana until I did some research online and saw all of the medical marijuana benefits, I couldn’t wait to try it out! After seeing the medical marijuana dentist, I was able to visit a medical marijuana dispensary the same afternoon. I didn’t even have to look at their cannabis product menu, as I already knew what I needed. The cannabis budtenders helped me get what I needed and I left pleased. That evening was the best sleep I had gotten in the past 10 years. I slept through the whole evening.

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