Losing all our products

My boss hired a new girl to work at the marijuana store.

I’m not excited about the new lady. She talks all the time as well as she does not seem to be certainly in gear. This is her first task in the retail setting. She has previously worked in warehouses as well as outdoor construction tasks. She seems nice as well as friendly, but she is not certainly mental focused on the task. My boss sent the girl to the basement a few weeks ago to grab a box of cannabis concentrate. The girl was gone for 10 or 15 minutes. It should have only taken a minute or several to walk downstairs as well as grab the box. When the girl finally came up the stairs, she was carrying a box of broken glass as well as cannabis jars. She dropped the box on the floor as well as all of the cannabis jars were busted. The girl looked genuinely worried. My boss came out from behind the counter as well as grabbed the box. She told the girl to take a break as well as grab some brunch. My boss inventoried the box as well as found half of the jars broken or busted. We couldn’t sell any of the cannabis concentrate inventory. The dropped box cost the supplier almost $1,000. I thought our boss was going to fire the girl on the spot, but she called it an accident. The very next day, the girl was back at work exhibiting the same reckless behavior. We need employees to work in the store, however at what cost to the supplier. The girl cost the supplier more than she made in her first month on the task.
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