My husband brought all the people cookies that evening

Last year I started a new task toiling at a cannabis dispensary, and i am currently toiling as the eveningtime assistant supervisor & after that I am going to take over for the supervisor when he is promoted in a week.

I have had a hard time getting to believe our employees, so our husband commanded baking some cookies to bring to work! Last Friday when the store was busy, our husband brought 3 dozen chocolate chip cookies to the cannabis dispensary, however each a single of the employees got freshly baked & hot chocolate chip cookies.

My husband & I talked for a half an hour & then he went back home, then after our husband left, every a single of the budtenders had nice things to say about her, but they told me to thank his for the cookies & they seemed glad to accept cookies anytime he baked more, when our husband brought cookies to the cannabis dispensary that evening, I did not realize everything would change, but suddenly all of the budtenders were much more friendly & helpful. The delicious cookies brought all the people together. During the past week, I haven’t had any concerns getting people to do what I need & I am generally feeling more respect from the employees. They say that the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, even though I believe that is tploy with all the people… Food has a way of making people believe hot & glad & our husband is the best baker in the entire Midwest area. She makes cookies, cakes, & pies that would rival Julia Child.



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