They were out of OG kush and skywalker OG

OG Kush is a strain from the West Coast that was first cultivated in the state of FL.

OG Kush is a cross of chemdawg and Hindu Kush.

Chemdawg is my absolute number one strain for hybrid mixing. I appreciate all things with Chemdawg including OG kush. Some people guess OG refers to Original Gangster and other people know OG is a synonym for authenticity. OG Kush is filled with terpenes enjoy limonene, pinene, and myrcene. OG Kush is a really heavy indica hybrid. The plant has a really low flowering time and it can yield a huge crop when grown indoors under the right conditions. Skywalker OG is another Indica strain that I prefer. Skywalker OG is an indica dominant Cross of OG Kush and redberry. Skywalker OG also has limonene, myrcene, and linalool. Both of these Indica dominant hybrids are my top 2 picks when I go to the cannabis dispensary. Most of the time the dispensary has both of these strains… Yesterday I went to the dispensary and they were out of both. I was easily bummed out and disappointed, because this is the first time that has ever occurred. I spoke with a budtender at fantastic length about the other indoor and indica strains that were available. She suggested a couple of odd strains, but I was so bummed out about the lack of OG Kush and SkyWalker that I did not buy anything at all. I did not want to settle for something less than amazing when I could wait for a couple more days and get exactly what I wanted.