Working up the nerve to ask out the budtender

Three weeks ago our pals & I were out & about on a weekend, & decided to swing by the cannabis dispensary.

Actually it was our pals who wanted to do that, I was just along for the ride. I had tried smoking a few times, but didn’t very care about it, maybe it was our asthma, however I just coughed too much to have any fun being stoned. This evening the two of us opted to go in so they could buy some celebration favors, & I was awestruck by the most charming girl behind the counter. I immediately walked over to her & asked for some help in finding the right kind of cannabis. Just to be able to talk to her, I was hastily willing to buy as much cannabis as I possibly could. I explained to her that I hated the coughing fits that came with smoking cannabis, & asked what she would recommend. Her name was Mona, & she led myself and others back to the section of edibles & smokeless cannabis they carried. A surprising amount of shelves were lined with smoke cannabis products, a lot more than I ever expected. Mona was a modern budtender, however she also didn’t very love smoking cannabis, so she was a sizable fan of edibles. I asked for her to option out her number one edibles, so that I could try them. I waited a few mornings before going back to the cannabis dispensary, because I didn’t want Mona to suppose I was stalking her. I keep going back & buying edibles, still working up the nerve to ask Mona out.

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