Working up the nerve to ask out the budtender

Three weeks ago my pals and I were out and about on a weekend, and decided to swing by the cannabis dispensary. Actually it was my pals who wanted to do that, I was just along for the ride. I had tried smoking a few times, but didn’t really enjoy it. Maybe it was my asthma, but I just coughed too much to have any fun being stoned. This night we went in so they could buy some party favors, and I was awestruck by the most beautiful girl behind the counter. I immediately walked over to her and asked for some help in finding the right kind of cannabis. Just to be able to talk to her, I was suddenly willing to buy as much cannabis as I possibly could. I explained to her that I hated the coughing fits that came with smoking cannabis, and asked what she would recommend. Her name was Mona, and she led me back to the section of edibles and smokeless cannabis they carried. A surprising amount of shelves were lined with smoke cannabis products, a lot more than I ever expected. Mona was a new budtender, but she also didn’t really like smoking cannabis, so she was a big fan of edibles. I asked for her to pick out her favorite edibles, so that I could try them. I waited a few days before going back to the cannabis dispensary, because I didn’t want Mona to know I was stalking her. I keep going back and buying edibles, still working up the nerve to ask Mona out.

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