CBD extraction is now our family legacy

Extracting CBD from the Cannabis sativa plant is a taxing process that requires a lab, however there are many mobile extraction Labs that are available to farmers, but my family and I grew hemp for 15 years before CBD products were legalized. The two of us used the hemp plants for textiles, clothing, and rope. The two of us did not even guess about extracting CBD for medicinumerous until after the exposition of medical cannabis; When we were finally allowed to farm hemp for recreational and medical weed use, business in our family boomed quickly. The two of us were the number a single place for CBD products; I used to send all of our hemp to a production facility, but then our kid found a mobile extraction service. The two of us call the mobile CBD extraction service when we have a harvest. It’s a fantastic way to streamline the entire process. The team arrives with the machine to do the job and they usually send many operators to run the equipment… Last time I got many people with the machine and they ran batches every 4 minutes until all of the cvd was extracted from the hemp plants. The process takes many days to complete, but we do not have to worry about any of the transferation… CBD extraction has become our family Legacy, however now that CBD products are officially sold across the globe, our family and I have a way to sustain our farm for the next several generations. CBD extraction will be in our family and section of our farm until marijuana is no longer a plant that offers medicinal benefits and value.



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