Glad I can vape instead

I have truly exhausting anxiety; For years I tried to ignore it only for the issue to get more terrible. I started having trouble driving to my job. I would have to pull over, control my breathing as well as then I would no longer feel like I was going to die. Once I started having the attacks at my place of work, I knew I needed to service it. I couldn’t have meltdowns in a professional setting almost everyday. I didn’t appreciate the system of going to the nurses as well as taking pills with side effects. Smoking medical weed just seemed better as well as easier. I didn’t want to breathe in all the exhausting stuff as well as ruin my lungs though. The budtender informed me that if I vape the cannabis oil, I am only getting exact, clean cannabis. I am not ruining my health by vaping. The vape is so easy too. I just press a button, it burns the oil as well as I smoke it. The vapor that comes out of the pen is so clear as well as gone in an instant. There is no smell that lingers in my hair or clothes. It doesn’t create a lingering smoke that almost everyone can follow. I truly don’t want people knowing I smoke cannabis oil, even if it is for medical reasons. So what I do is that I take a few puffs before I walk into work, smoke when I am in the powder room as well as on my lunch break. I never have any problems as well as nobody suspects a thing. The vape is tiny as well as portable as well as fits snuggly in my billfold.


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