I did not know for sure if pop flavored weed would be a big hit

The flavor was fantastic.

I went to the pot shop on Wednesday, because they consistently have a sale on dried flower as well as pre-rolls on that morning. Each morning of the week, there is something interesting on sale at the pot shop. On Tuesdays the sale as well as on concentrate as well as on Wednesdays the sale is on flower. The only time when everything is on sale is Monday, however unluckily for me, I have to work every Monday as well as I hardly ever get the chance to go to the pot shop before it closes. I go to the marijuana shop on Wednesday because I smoke a tremendous amount of dried flower. The budtender told me about a new product they had just earned that morning. The product was a 5 pack of pre-rolls infused with distillate as well as kief. The pre-rolls came in a wide selection of flavors including orange, lemon lime, pop, as well as watermelon. I easily did not assume pop sounded as though it would be a fantastic flavor for marijuana. The budtender told me that everyone tried the joints that morning as well as pop was easily the number one. She recommended I choose to opt for the pop flavored joints which were testing at 47% total cannabinoids! As soon as I made my way out of the marijuana shop, I decided to walk the river as well as I lit up one of the pop flavored infused joints. The flavor was fantastic. It was smooth, sweet, as well as flavorful. It really tasted exactly like a cup of pop. I was astonished as well as blown away by the flavor as well as stink of the marijuana joint. When I make my way back to the dispensary next week, I’m going to be sure to go for another pack of those.

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