My guy truly did not want me to miss out on the sale at the cannabis store

I was called into task on Tuesday in the morning hours for an emergency repair.

My boss was the only guy absolutely working at the heating and a/c appliance company, but he needed someone to help with a commercial repair and I was the only guy that answered the phone.

I was supposed to go to the cannabis store that day to get more concentrate for the week. Tuesdays are the day when all of the wax and concentrate products are on sale. My guy knew that I did not want to go to work, however he agreed to go to the cannabis store so I wouldn’t have to agonize. When my guy offered to go to the shop, I called my boss and told him that I would help out. My guy went to the cannabis store soon after I went to the task site. When I came back to my lake dwelling from work, he had all of the items from the cannabis store laid out on the table. It looked similar to a private get together just for me and my guy, but all of the items were fantastic. I could not easily believe that my guy got all of those products for such a low price. Then he told me that the cannabis store not only had the 20% off sale that day, however they also had a representative from one of the cannabis concentrate companies and they were offering buy one and get one for free sales on all of their products… Many of the concentrates that I bought were half priced. We sat down together and vaped a few unusual strains before deciding to go out to lunch with some pals.


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