The cannabis store hired a much better supervisor

My co-workers as well as I didn’t even know what to expect when all of us came to learn that a modern manager was going to take over the cannabis shop! The old manager wasn’t our number one individual in the world.

She didn’t seem to care much about the staff members as well as never considered any of our feedback to be substantial. The people I was with and I all assumed that management would hire someone that was totally similar. The people I was with and I were surprised to find that the modern manager is quite different. The modern man is approximately 20 years older than the other manager. This man has been in the cannabis business since before marijuana was legalized. He actually told all of us some hilarious stories. The manager informed us that he was going to start doing things a whole lot differently. Then he implemented some of the changes! From now on scheduling will be perfectly adaptable. If you actually want a day off, you can truly have it. As long as you request the time approximately two weeks in advance, all the people will get the nights off that they choose to request. That was pretty much something all the people complained about in the past. When all of us had a pretty busy week at the cannabis store, the manager made everybody work as well as did not honor requests for time off. It made it completely hard to schedule appointments for the doctor, vet, as well as chiropractor. After spending time with the modern marijuana dispensary manager, it honestly seems things will be different. This man generally seems as though he wants the employees as well as management to be able to work together instead of butting heads regularly.

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