The prices on cannabis have mostly stayed the same

Prices on all kinds of things have gone up since the start of the pandemic… I’ve noticed a bunch of the prices at the grocery store are going up each week, however most of the fresh produce products such as cucumbers, peppers, oranges, & lettuce have gone up by practically a dollar.

Products such as paper goods, plates, cups, & plastic wrap are also higher than ever before.

Milk was $3 a gallon last year at this time & now it is close to $5… With no end to the pandemic in sight, it’s not easy to imagine these prices recovering anytime soon. I am really grateful that the prices on cannabis supplies haven’t gone up much since the pandemic. I often go to the recreational marijuana dispensary to buy products. I really enjoy smoking weed when I feel very stressed & need to relax. It’s my preferred way to unwind after a lengthy day of chores & work. I haven’t seen the prices go up much at all since the pandemic first began, and the prices on marijuana flower & concentrate are still just as cheap as can be. Before the state legalized recreational marijuana sales, prices were actually higher. Since legalizing marijuana for most people, the prices have dropped a good amount & not gone back up. The people I was with and I had to wait a fairly long time before we were able to access legal marijuana. The lawmakers in this state really attempted to drag their feet & keep recreational marijuana from being legalized in the first place. It became too tough of a job when all of the states that surround ours chose to legalize marijuana for recreational & medical purposes.

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