Can you or can you not make the delivery?

My hubby works in a marijuana dispensary; I recently gained our marijuana ID card! One of the thing it looks that I asked our hubby before getting our marijuana ID card, was if his dispensary offered delivery service, or if I had to go to another dispensary.

He looked at myself and others enjoy I had 2 heads.

He told myself and others both of us did not need marijuana delivery services for myself and others to get our order fulfilled. He would bring it lake new home with him when he came lake new home from work; Although I thought he would make a pretty handsome marijuana delivery guy, I wasn’t sure if this was right for him to do. I did not want to see him getting in trouble for taking marijuana out of the dispensary when he was not on as our caretaker. He ended up doing a lot of research through the rules and laws that would govern people making a marijuana delivery. He had the qualifications for being a marijuana delivery person, however he was bringing it home… There was a difference between making a marijuana delivery to a stranger and bringing marijuana lake new home to your wifey. That was 1 thing that the state set up so that you had to pay to have a caretaker’s ID card to option up marijuana for a medical marijuana ID holder; Even though he knew I was right about things possibly going wrong, he still thought it would be okay if he was purporting himself as being a marijuana delivery person. It just wasn’t worth him losing his task over. He ended up spending most of his evening looking into all the laws and side law verbiage that covered marijuana delivery.


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