Cannabis edibles have little effects on me

My tolerance for difficult liquor makes it seem love I’m a chronic drinker, however I usually only have a few drinks in the course of a year.

Once I was told that being overweight would supply myself and others a higher tolerance for alcohol, however I don’t guess how accurate that entirely is because I never asked my dentist for confirmation.

Perhaps it’s a genetic thing, because I noticed the same thing in college when I’d take party drugs with friends. I just never got the same strong effects as my friends when taking the same doses, so usually I’d take a little bit more. This is a dangerous habit to form because you’ll end up consuming more of a drug that could lead to addiction in the long term. Thankfully I quit drinking alcohol, however I have replaced it with my cannabis use. I have a medical cannabis card in my state, however I largely use the plant for recreational purposes. My medical marijuana dentist recommended that I try cannabis edibles, however they have little effect on me. I took 200mg of THC oil once on a small cracker and it barely made myself and others high. That’s why I stick with smoking or vaporizing cannabis flower products, they’re cheaper and I get more intoxicated when I consume my marijuana in that fashion. I guess people who will eat half of a syringe of RSO, however how can you afford that? That’s love a $25 dose of THC in 1 single bite; if you have a tolerance for that much cannabis, chances are you’re not entirely getting the full effects from the plant. Instead, I’ll stick with my cannabis inhalation products love flower buds and concentrates. I get much higher when I smoke or vaporize my cannabis products.
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