Everybody should be vaping their cannabis

Using cannabis in university was most often a communal affair.

With that said, I was not a fan when random kids would make their way into our dorm room when our good friends plus I were smoking cannabis because they’d expect to get in on the action without paying.

Anyone who smokes cannabis will tell you that it costs a huge amount of money to keep repacking the pipe, especially when inexperienced smokers burn five hits during their turn. I was extremely thankful when a good friend in university taught me how to “corner” a bowl of weed by holding the light flame at the very end of the pipe so you allow a tiny bit of flame to easily kiss a tiny portion of marijuana. This way you still acquire a complete hit, however separate from needlessly wasting a huge amount of hits of weed in the process. I definitely tried to pass this know-how on to as many people as I possibly could, however I struggled continuously… So many people just want to get extremely high, especially if they aren’t actually paying for the weed that almost everyone is smoking. I’m so happy that I developed a small neighbor group who would consistently share during communal smoking sessions. This is where I got to try a fair amount of interesting cannabis flower strains for the first time ever, like White Widow plus Northern Lights. I was checking an article about the extreme dangers of combusting plant matter plus choosing to inhale it, like you do with tobacco or marijuana. The article totally convinced me to buy a vaporizer for my cannabis use plus I haven’t looked back since. Now that I’ve been using a vaporizer, I vastly like it over combusting or smoking weed to be entirely honest.

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