Getting better with each trip to the cannabis dispensary

It’s difficult to describe just what the impact sativa has had on my emotional health & subsequently my life. I could not be more grateful for the fact that I can simply walk into the local cannabis spot to get sativa products. This all came about after I finally had to make a split from all the meds I’ve taken over the decades to treat my anxiety. While I’m grateful that those meds kept myself and others from self harm & helped myself and others to live any kind of life, the efficacy had waned. There had been so many odd medicines that I was finally to the point that perhaps another approach might be in my best interest. So that’s when I changed therapists & headed in a more holistic direction when it came to dealing with my emotional health. I changed almost everything about my lifestyle. From what I ate to exercise to meditation, I went all in with this approach to living my life. Part of that was incorporating cannabis products into the mix. I use both sativa & indica products. The indica strains for sale help myself and others more with my body. But it’s the sativa strains for sale that remove the darkness from my thoughts. It’s been such a remarkable transformation. And it’s a transformation that has been made that much sweeter because it’s natural. I prefer the fact that I’m treating a lifetime problem with a plant that is so readily available that it’s called a weed. It’s been a gift from the universe for me.



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