I am glad I spent more on it

I consider myself to be a good spender.

I dislike spending money on a product that I can get for cheaper somewhere else. I go to 3 separate grocery stores during the month, because each one has a different selection of products. The local target has the best price on paper goods like toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, and paper plates. The Walmart in town has the best prices on all of my pasta, meat, beans, and canned goods. I bargain shop when it comes to marijuana as well. I am thankful to live in a state where recreational and medical marijuana are 100% legal. This keeps the prices lower than the national average. I do not spend a ton of currency when I go to the marijuana shop usually, but a week ago the budtender talked me into making an expensive purchase. They got a current product in the store. The infused joints have ice water hash, top-shelf flower, distillate, and natural plant terpenes. They had a couple of odd flavors like banana, red, pineapple, and grape. Since grape is my number one flavor, I chose the grape flavored joint. I didn’t know what to expect from the product, although I was enthusiastic to try the current marijuana product. The grape flavored joint tasted exactly like grapes. It reminded me of a grape flavored popsicle. I barely finished the joint on my own. I was entirely high. Even though the marijuana joint was twice as much currency as any other one in the store, I have to say that it was worth every penny.

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