I have moved onto using cannabis concentrates after using cannabis flower products

Most of the people I know who use weed are primarily fans of cannabis flower products.

  • That’s easy to see, because you’re consuming the whole plant after a short period of dry-curing.

It’s the closest thing to cutting the plant off its roots and rolling up the flower buds into a joint to smoke right away, although the buds would be too wet if it was freshly harvested. For thousands of years this was the primary mode of cannabis consumption, along with the oral consumption of hashish in some societies. When I started using cannabis myself, I also consumed flower products primarily. Although I had a bong and combusted the cannabis plant more often than not, I was one of the first people in my friend group to buy a dry herb vaporizer. It seemed like an obvious choice when I had the money to suddenly afford one, and I loved having a fuller spectrum experience and entourage effect. I followed this cannabis rabbit hole until I ended up in the world of cannabis concentrates. Waxes, shatter, butane honey oil, and rosin are all examples of popular cannabis concentrates. Just like my dry herb vaporizer, I bought a cannabis concentrate vaporizer while I was a student in college. It was a great investment to make, because using a blowtorch in a house is dangerous. You could drop it and immediately catch a table or carpet on fire in the process. I’d much rather use vaporizers across the board, especially now that I have traded cannabis flower products for cannabis concentrates.

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