Marijuana was the only thing that kept our marriage together.

My husband has drastic ADD.

He has his own little nest in our basement.

It has gotten so exhausting that no one is allowed in the basement. If even the smallest piece of paper was disturbed, he would get irate. Amidst his nest, there were quite a few piles of what looked like trash, but it was his way of filing. I was okay with his basement, but it was gravitating into our study room and study room. I wasn’t quite so easy going when it came to his invasion of our space. I deliberately threw away his trash. I didn’t want to hear about it all being his. I told him that it was our study room, our study room, and our part of the house. If he could not respect our space, I wasn’t going to respect his. He got angry when I started for the basement. He wanted to assume what our problem was? I told him he had to find some way to control his ADD or I was leaving. The next morning, he made an appointment with his nurse. The nurse told him they had found that medical marijuana can make a giant change for people with ADD. He gave the certification needed for our husband to get his medical marijuana ID card. Once he got his medical marijuana card, both of us opted to go to the marijuana dispensary. I was surprised when they mentioned a marijuana/CBD mix for his ADD. I am pretty sure that medical marijuana saved our marriage, he still had his nest in the basement, but he wasn’t angry all the time.
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