Medical marijuana has been the most wonderful decision for me

Beginning to use medical marijuana has been the most amazing decision that I have ever made… I have always had to deal with serious chronic pain, ever since I was a youngster growing up. I have always had back & shoulder pain in my life, & nothing ever seemed to help with it. I tried basically everything, from chiropractic adjustments to physical therapy, to acupuncture. Honestly, nothing ever helped & so my health workers wanted to put me on high powered pain medication for it. I don’t care for taking medication of any sort, though, so this was not a good fix in the least. I don’t care for the way that prescription medication makes me entirely feel while I’m on it & even the next day. It’s like I have a hangover or something & I just don’t enjoy it in the slightest. I did a fair amount of research into alternative ways of managing my chronic pain levels & I was able to find out that medical marijuana has been found to be super helpful for some people when it comes to helping out with crucial chronic pain. I wasn’t really certain at first, but the more I was able to read about it, the more I became convinced that I should try medical marijuana instead of common prescription meds. I talked to my health worker about it & he told me that he would cheerfully write out a prescription for me to get my medical marijuana card! Ever since I have got started with using medical marijuana for my chronic pain, my life has been so much better! It helps me to manage my pain like nothing in the past… And best of all, there are no side effects at all.


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