Need to hire a qualified marijuana consultant

Thankfully, I did not need to hire a cannabis supplier permit service; I was able to handle the legal side of setting up my cannabis dispensary; Where I needed help was with the POS system plus tracking all my cannabis products! Everyone told me that it was a good program to hire a cannabis consultant.

I started researching plus I chose the one that was cheapest, however the guy came in plus I instantaneously knew something was wrong, and he started talking about marijuana but citing wrong facts.

It was clear the guy had only grown maybe a few pot plants in his life. He had no program what I meant when I was talking about yields, crystallization plus HID lights. The guy only knew certain terms plus only a few products that it would take to grow weed. That instantaneously had me on edge. Then when he started talking about how to track my cannabis products plus the layout of my store, it was clear he didn’t certainly guess much. I instantaneously canceled with him plus started looking again. I found that a lot of people are trying to be cannabis consultants; Apparently anybody who grows a pot plant feels they are qualified to help my business. There were nervous stories of suppliers folding because of poor advice. I ended up paying quite a fee for a highly qualified supplier consultant. It was worth every penny though. The difference between this marijuana advertising service vs the other one was night plus afternoon. The guy knew all there was to guess about cannabis.
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